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General Info

For tips and more general information about faculty pay, general location information, what we expect from you and what you can expect from us click here.

For New Instructors

W-9 Form (print, fill out, & mail)

Please fill in your name and address in Part I, provide your social security number in Part II, sign and date in Part III. Then mail to: MALT, 6601 Greene St, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Zoom Training Guide

Click HERE to download our guide for using Zoom (pdf).

Promoting Your Class Via Social Media

We have written out some suggestions you can use to promote your class through various social media platforms HERE.

Need our logo? Get it HERE.

Evaluation Forms

Student Evaluation forms can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. Please print enough for the enrollment of your class. Hand these forms out at the end of the class, and return them to our office at your convenience.

You can provide feedback as an instructor HERE.

Classroom Signs

CLICK HERE for signs that are useful in directing students to your classroom.


If you would like your students to sign a waiver, for your class, you can print extra copies HERE.

Weather Policy

CLICK HERE for our weather policies.

Location Sheets

Below is a list of location information sheets. These sheets contain important information about the location you are teaching at such as doors to enter, room location, and alarm codes. We recommend you print them so that you have all of the location’s information with you at the time of your class.

Allens Lane Art Center (last updated 3/29/2017)

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House (last updated 7/30/2019)

Chestnut Hill United (last updated 10/12/2016)

Grace Epiphany (last updated 10/23/2017)

MALT Office (last updated Sept. 2018)

Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd (last updated 10/16/2019)

Mt. Airy Nexus (last updated 8/15/2019)

New Covenant Church (last updated 4/9/2018)

New Covenant Church Campus map

Our House Culture Center (last updated 3/30/2018)

Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill (last updated 12/7/2017)

Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill Computer Lab (last updated 10/6/2015)

Project Learn (last updated 11/13/2017)

Reformation Lutheran Church (last updated 2/28/2019)

Summit Presbyterian Church (last updated 3/14/2019)

United Lutheran Seminary (last updated 3/27/2018)

Waldorf School (last updated 3/3/2020)

Work Mt. Airy (last updated 2/11/2020)

If your location is missing from this list, please contact us for instructions specific to your location.

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