Want to Teach?

Each term, we have 150-200 instructors, many of them returning year after year. We welcome new and returning instructors as our course offerings grow and evolve.
Course ideas are limited only by our collective imagination.

For over 42 years, MALT has offered live classes taught by neighbors for their neighbors in the surrounding communities. We offer evening, daytime, weekend classes both in person and online.

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We are now accepting proposals for Fall 2024, beginning September 15 through December 30!

Our deadline for Fall term proposals is June 1.

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Why teach with MALT?

  • “I have learned more about the topic I was passionate about and made friends!”
  • “MALT does the heavy lifting of helping to organize your class, so you can focus on sharing your story and enthusiasm for the topic.”
  • “I teach for those “light bulb moments—when I can help someone connect the dots!”

…although most of our classes have now shifted to being in person, MALT is still offering the option to teach online.

  • Offering an online class means people can join you from anywhere in the world! Family members from different states virtually exercised together in Dance-It-Out! Fun Fitness last spring.
  • A broader reach for participants can translate into not only more students, but also a more lively class.
  • We will always offer some of online classes. We believe people want to support our local knowledge experts and be part of the MALT community.

Tips for proposing a class for Mt Airy Learning Tree

  • Classes range from 1-2 hours per session and might meet once or 2x/week for up to 10 weeks. Prices generally range from $8-$12/hour. 
  • A dance or fitness class may be one hour, other classes work better as an hour and a half or two hours.
  • We set a course minimum of 5 students. While we certainly hope more students enroll, if it has met this minimum, MALT will expect you to teach. We are not able to negotiate class minimums.
  • The majority of our classes are aimed at adults. If your class is also appropriate for kids and teens, let us know a minimum age and whether or not they need to be accompanied by an adult. You will need to provide your clearances in order to teach students younger than 18 years.
  • We will be offering classes both online and in-person.  Please let us know in the course proposal form which you prefer, or if you want to do both!
  • Do your research! Look through the last MALT catalog here.

MALT support

  • MALT will advertise your class by including it in our online catalog and general semester promotions. Your classes will benefit from YOUR OWN promotional efforts. If you have a network of potential students, spread the word to them directly!

Payment and Class Discounts

  • We generally charge students $8-$12/hour. Exceptions are possible with classes involving a lot of additional equipment/expertise.
  • Instructors are paid 30%  of the course fee at the end of the term, if held in person.  If the course is held online, instructors are paid 40% of the course fee at the end of the term.  
  • You will receive up to a 50% DISCOUNT for two classes you want to take as a student for the semester!
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