Want to Teach?


June 1st: Fall catalog (late Sept-mid Dec)

October 1st: Winter catalog (late Jan-March)

January 15th: Spring catalog (late April-June)

We are looking for instructors for the following classes:

  • Swing Dancing
  • Picture Framing
  • Beginning Piano for Adults

Tips for proposing a class for Mt Airy Learning Tree:

  • Please look at our current offerings to get an idea of what kinds of classes we run, what we charge, timing of classes, etc.
  • We set a course minimum of 5 students. While we certainly hope more students enroll in your class, if it has met this minimum, MALT expects you to teach.
  • The majority of our classes are aimed at adults. If your class is also appropriate for kids and teens, let us know a minimum age and whether or not they need to be accompanied by an adult. You will need to provide your clearances in order to teach students younger than 18 years.
  • We have 2 computer labs available. Each is running with Windows 10 and Office 2010. Software licenses can be very expensive - please check with the MALT office before proposing a class for a program other than what you see listed in a previous catalog.
  • We generally charge $8-$12/hour, ending in 4 or 9 (ex. $34 or $99). Exceptions are possible with classes involving a lot of additional equipment/expertise.
  • We have two LCD projectors available on a first-come, first-served basis. If your class is more than 1 week long, we may need it returned to the office for others to use between your sessions (you won’t be able to hold onto it for weeks at a time).
  • You will need to provide your own speakers, cd or dvd player, and any other additional equipment if needed.
  • New classes will benefit from YOUR OWN promotional efforts. We will put the class in our catalog, both print and online; we may also highlight it on social media. But if you have a network of potential students, by all means, spread the word to them directly!
  • MALT will find a location for your class unless you have access to your own space.
  • Instructors are paid 30% of the course fee (50% if you are renting your own location) at the END of the term.

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