Who We Are


Left to right: Janet Greenwood Gala, John O’Donnell, and Alexa Strus


Board of Governors

  • John Autin, President
  • Rene Vargas, Vice President
  • Janet Hoffman, Secretary
  • Bob Rossman, Treasurer

  • Sue Beetle
  • Lanina Cavicchio
  • Allison Cooper
  • Allyson Katzman
  • Patricia Robinson
  • John Stanchak
  • Rivkah Walton
  • Jesse Wilson, II

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Advisory Board

  • Bill Ewing
  • Fran Johnston
Members of MALT's Board of Governors at our Fall Grand Celebration

MALT Board Members at our 2022 Fall Celebration Kneeling: John Autin. Standing, left to right: Celeste Lamb, Lanina Cavicchio, Bob Rossman, Rene Vargas, Donna Carney, Patricia Robinson, Allison Cooper and Janet Hoffman. Not pictured: Susan Beetle, Allyson Katzman, Nima Koliwad, Rivkah Walton and Jesse Wilson.

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