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Upcoming Classes

* Learn to Swim, starting week of 9/20
* Introduction to the Triathlon Swim, starting 9/20
* '80s Aerobics, starting 9/21
* Discover Drawing!, starting 9/21
* Improve Your Stroke, starting 9/21
* Underground Railroad Quilt Sampler, starting 9/21
* Yoga with Josh, starting 9/21


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The Fall catalog is available now. Look for it to arrive in your mailbox in the next 2 weeks. Or pick one up at our office.

If you have any questions about online registration, please email or call us at 215-843-6333 during our office hours, M-F from 9-2 pm. You can download just the Registration Form here.

The printed Catalog may contain errors that have been remedied in the online catalog.  Always check your course details (date, time, day, location) in the online catalog before registering.




Fantastic Philadelphians

Enjoy a wine and cheese reception at 6:30 PM each evening. Sponsored by Golomb & Honik, attorneys at law.

Police Commissioner, Charles H. Ramsey

PC_Ramsey.jpgPolicing in the 21st Century: Monday, November 23

In this period of growing discomfort between the police and the communities they serve, learn how we can help strengthen police/community relations across the country and here in our home city. Discover how Philadelphia's police force approaches fighting crime, while safeguarding people's lives and constitutional rights. Hear current initiatives around alternatives to arrest and/or incarceration.

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Jane Golden

Jane_Golden.jpgMural Arts and Restorative Justice: What Works:Tuesday, December 1

While the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is known for creating over 3,800 beautiful murals throughout Philadelphia, some may not know that Mural Arts has also developed a robust, year-round Restorative Justice program. Learn about this important work, which addresses huge issues surrounding the mass incarceration epidemic, social and racial injustice, and how art can be used in the healing process for individuals, their communities, and victims of crime. Find out about Mural Arts' recent social justice projects and its Guild program, designed to employ young people on high-risk probation and to assist those leaving the prison system with successfully re-entering society and becoming productive citizens.

Register here.

$50 Wealth Builder

Paul Mladjenovic has made his popular $50 Wealth Builder available as an online class. You'll get access to:

* 5 1/2 hours (44+ videos) through the direct download (the zip file),

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More from Paul Mladjenovic:

Zero-Cost Marketing

Buy Paul's book on zero cost marketing. In regular marketing, we pay for advertising and hope for the best. In Zero Cost Marketing, we eliminate the risk of big advertising budgets. With this guide you can get thousands of customers from places you never thought about. Paul has done it, let him help you.

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