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MALT is celebrating its 35th year in 2016.

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Mt. Airy Posters

MALT has two large posters (one of Mt. Airy, the other of Chestnut Hill) providing historical details throughout. And "Signs You're in Mt. Airy" is a poster of sign images throughout Mt. Airy.

Mt. Airy Posters

MALT has three different posters available for sale. Stop by the MALT office any weekday between 9am-2pm to purchase.

Map of Mt. Airy - designed by local architect, David Schaaf. Measures 28" x 40" ($20)

Close-up view:


Map of Chestnut Hill - designed by local architect, David Schaaf. Measures 25" x 38" ($20)

No image available.

Signs You're in Mt. Airy - created by Nicki Toizer. Measures 16" x 20" ($20)

Signs You're In Mt. Airy poster