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MALT is celebrating its 35th year in 2016.

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MALT has two large posters (one of Mt. Airy, the other of Chestnut Hill) providing historical details throughout. And "Signs You're in Mt. Airy" is a poster of sign images throughout Mt. Airy.

MALT Love Stories

"I talked to MALT... the rest is herstory."

I'm happy to share my story of how MALT has helped mlori.pnge create my own business.

A few years back I was taking a MALT class learning sculpture. I shared how I teach classes for women to learn more about automotive maintenance. The instructor instantly suggested that I teach a class for MALT. It never really occurred to me that women would pay to take my classes. I had always taught them as a favor to people I knew at dealerships.

I talked to MALT. We set up a class...and well, the rest is herstory. It was such a popular class that it got me thinking, maybe I could really teach this for a living. In 2006, I became an LLC and ran the business part time. In 2009, it became my full-time business. There has been a lot of interest in what I do, and I now travel the U.S. teaching classes. Looking back, the opportunity that MALT gave me helped me realize my potential.


Thanks, MALT!

Lori Johnson, President


linda.png"MALT is priceless."

The exposure I receive from MALT is priceless. I’ve visited and taught in and around Philadelphia, and found no community that has a place for neighbors to share and learn as we have with MALT.

Mt. Airy /Germantown neighbors and businesses are fortunate and blessed to have a place where they can share their talents and hobbies; MALT has provided us with that place.



Linda Taylor, BA., CHHC
Taylor's Wholesome Foods Workshop 


"...meaningful experience in community building"mark.png

A wonderful aspect of MALT is that it provides an opportunity to learn about a particular subject while encouraging an informal, friendly, and stimulating atmosphere. MALT is living proof that learning can be fun.

It’s always exciting for me to see students’ enthusiasm about their gardens. Positive energy is contagious, and the home landscapes of Northwest Philadelphia attest to the gardening energy in our neighborhood.

Ultimately, teaching at MALT has been a meaningful experience in community building. That’s what happens when people get together to share their skills, talents, and interests.


Mark Goodman
Owner, Earthcraft Landscape Gardening