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How do I register for a class? MALT Policies

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Celebrating 35 Years!

MALT is celebrating its 35th year in 2016.

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Mt. Airy Posters

MALT has two large posters (one of Mt. Airy, the other of Chestnut Hill) providing historical details throughout. And "Signs You're in Mt. Airy" is a poster of sign images throughout Mt. Airy.

Creating an Online MALT Account

In order to register for a class online, you'll need an account. If you are new to MALT, you will be asked to create an account, and then logon. Fill in the form to create your account and please make a note of your chosen password.


If you've taken classes with us before, you already have an account! However, you'll need an email address in your record to access it. The default password is your first and last initials plus your zip code (az19119). (If an email is not in your record, you can call the office to add it and use the default password to logon. Otherwise, you'll need to create a new account and we'll combine your records later.)


Here’s a solution to a common account problem – you register a long time ago, and don’t remember that you have a MALT account until you try to create a new account. If you enter an email address that is already on file, you will receive an error message that reads "this account is already being used." This usually means you already have a MALT account!


Logon with the email address that is already in the system, but try the default password: your first and last name initials, plus your zip code. For example if Sam Ford who lives in Mt Airy needed to use his default password, it would be "sf19119". Mary Chance Lee in Chestnut Hill would be "ml19118". If that doesn't work, go back to the login page and click "Forgot your password?" to receive an email with logon instructions.


And please take a moment to update your profile, especially your day and evening phone numbers and your email address. It’s how we communicate with you in the event of a sudden change in your course.